Landing an internship seemed like an impossible feat to accomplish, especially as a second-year student with no prior experience. I thought it was only possible to get an internship when you’re a junior or senior but the truth is there are plenty of opportunities for sophomore and even freshmen. I’m so lucky that I had people around me to tell me to apply to these opportunities before it was too late, and I hope to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in the recruiting process with you! …

Who really knows what they want to do straight out of high school? There are just so many options such as going to college, going into the military, starting a business, self learning a skill, or going straight into industry. In high school I knew I was good at math and science, but after I thought about it I didn’t want to spend four (or possibly more) years in college solving countless math, chemistry, or physics problems. I was tired of that. I wanted to try something new. I always heard about coding and thought you had to be a…

Avani Patel

Computer Science student and Intern sharing her experiences. Let’s talk about tech!

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